Cross-State Shuttles

There will be cross-state shuttles options before the ride on either Saturday, July 11th from Rock Rapids to Dubuque with the Out-of-Staters Bicycle Club or after the ride on Saturday, July 18th with Summit Cycling Services or the Out-of-Staters Bicycle Club . There will be long term parking options at both ends (the parking details will come later)

Shuttle Transportation from Rock Rapids to Dubuque (Saturday, July 11th – Before Ride):

Out of Staters Bicycle Club will offer shuttle service from Rock Rapids to Dubuque.

  • On Friday, July 10, OOS will stage in Rock Rapids from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM, (These times are subject to change), to meet you and to load bicycles onto our trucks. One of these trucks, and part of our staff leave at 9:00 PM for the trip to Dubuque to set up camp. (In the Rock Rapids staging area there will be camping, food, showers, and week-long parking close by.)
  • At 7:30 AM on Sat., July 11, the OOS charter buses arrive to load you and your baggage. These buses will depart at 8:00 AM for the trip across the state. You will be delivered to our (OOS) campsite, not the main Iowa’s Ride campsite in Dubuque, reclaim your bike, and begin the best week of your life. We will direct you to the main campsite if you are not using our baggage service during the ride, however, we do not provide transportation to the main campground. Let us know if you have questions.
  • To reserve your shuttle

Shuttle Transportation from Rock Rapids back to Dubuque (Saturday, July 18th – After Ride):

Summit Cycling Services will offer shuttle service from Rock Rapids to Dubuque.

  • Bike transports operate in conjunction with every bus transport. Bikes are covered by a moving blanket & secured with cam straps.
  • Bus and bike check in is 45 minutes prior to the departure (ex. 3:15pm Check In / 4:00pm Departure).
  • Bikes will be taken to a secure bike corral at start venue. Bikes may be collected after the participant attains his or her vehicle.
  • Summit Cycle Solutions reserves the right to adjust reservation times.
  • One Booking = One Seat
  • Summit Cycle Solutions will confirm the physical addresses associated with start and finish venues via the orientation email (2 weeks prior to event).
  • To reserve your shuttle

Out of Staters Bicycle Club will offer shuttle service from Rock Rapids to Dubuque.

  • On Saturday, July 18, OOS will stage in Rock Rapids we load bikes as soon as you arrive. The charter bus will arrive about 2:30 and depart from Rock Rapids at about 3:00 P.M. so we will have a little daylight left to unload bikes.
  • To reserve your shuttle