Will the Iowa State Patrol be on Iowa’s Ride?
Yes, we are working with the Iowa State Patrol to make sure we have a safe event. They are our friends and help save lives throughout the state of Iowa everyday. They help cyclists and motorists in Iowa safely navigate our roadways along with the fine men and women that wear a badge everyday in the local police and sheriff departments across our state. There will alos be local police departments and sheriff’s departments that help make the ride safe for all.

What is the route and mileage for IOWA’S RIDE
The full route will be released in March 2020.

IOWA’S RIDE Changes Dates and Direction!
The dates are now July 12-18, 2020?
We have been meeting with and listening to many cycling teams and cyclists throughout the state.  We have received some great feedback to help shape IOWA’S RIDE.  The most overwhelming concern that keeps coming up is the date of the event and how it is dividing long standing cycling teams.  We have even heard from teams trying to decide who gets the team bus for the week.  This was never our intent, and this is not good for anyone who just wants to ride their bike.

We want to do the right thing for riders in Iowa, so we will change the dates of Iowa’s Ride to begin riding on Sunday, July 12th and end on Saturday, July 18th.  IOWA’S RIDE will also start on the eastern edge of Iowa in a Mississippi River town and travel west, ending seven days later in Western Iowa.

We have plenty of club visits lined up soon and we look forward to talking to more teams that want to learn about IOWA’S RIDE.  If you want to schedule a visit for us to meet with your club/team, please send an email to fun@iowasride.com

Where will the profits go from IOWA’S RIDE?
After all expenses are paid, the remaining net proceeds will be given to charities in the state of Iowa. A foundation is being formed that will have an appointed, independent board of Iowans that will review the finances and make sure funds are being distributed properly. In 2020, half of the proceeds will go to proudly support the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital! The remaining proceeds will proudly be given to charities in each of our host communities.

How safe will the ride be? Medical teams?
We have sat down and met with the ambulance team that has been saving lives for the past 20-plus summers in Iowa. They will be on IOWA’S RIDE. They are the best active event medical team in the country. This is perhaps the most important part of any active event planning as there is inherent risk in this activity that we love.

How much money will the staff make from IOWA’S RIDE?
This is not about money. Our staff will not make one extra penny in salaries from IOWA’S RIDE and will proudly show a previous year’s W2 to verify those claims.

My team has lots of questions about IOWA’S RIDE, Will you help clear those questions up?
We plan to get out this fall and have some open forums to hear from riders and teams about their concerns.

Will you have a day pass option?
Yes. You can pick and choose single days that you wish to ride. Daily passes will be $25 a day.

How about vendors?
If towns receive more funds to help with expenses of hosting the ride, the towns would not have to charge so much in vendor fees. This should help keep these costs down and attract plenty of vendors so you have lots of options for meals including local restaurants, churches and traveling vendors.

Appreciate the questions, so keep sending them!

Since we are getting lots of questions about Iowa’s Ride, we are starting an FAQ page and answer any and all important question. We will be open and transparent about everything. Thanks again for the support!