Ride Info

Registered participants will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to campgrounds, bathrooms and showers (Showers may have a fee)
  • Entertainment throughout the day and downtown street celebrations at night
  • Baggage transportation from overnight town-to-overnight town (if needed). As part of your paid registration, you are entitled to place your bag for transport on our baggage truck during the week of the ride.
  • Medical teams on the route each day
  • Accident Insurance. While we take safety very seriously we know accidents happen. This is why we are providing accident medical insurance for our registered participants. Our insurance carrier will provide up to $25,000 for covered accidental injury sustained  while participating. Coverage limits are $25,000 for each accident. This coverage is in excess and is limited to accidents that occur on the event. This coverage an excess policy meaning that you must first have your primary insurance coverage pay and our company will pay any uncovered amounts. If you have no primary coverage our plan will pay after a $500 deductible. Claim forms will be provided and must be submitted to the company with in 30 days of the accident.
  • Traffic controlled at select high traffic intersections
  • Digital and downloadable bicycle and vehicle route maps and route signs that mark the bike route
  • SAG service (picking up riders who break down or need assistance)
  • Bicycle repair shops through the route
  • A PRIMAL IOWA’S RIDE cycling cap or IOWA’S RIDE headband for week-long riders
  • Bicycle shipping stations at the beginning and end of the ride
  • Opportunity to join one of IOWA RIDE’s Charters
  • Opportunity to utilize long-term parking in the starting or ending town
  • The IOWA’S RIDE EXPO on the Saturday before the ride starts. The Expo will feature the latest in bicycle equipment, accessories and apparel.