Host Towns

IOWA’S RIDE released their inaugural route across Northern Iowa today. The ride would be approximately 416 miles traveling from Dubuque to Rock Rapids with 10,549 feet of climb for the week.  After departing Dubuque, the ride would overnight in some of Iowa’s smaller communities, with populations in the 5,000s or less.

Sunday, 7/12 Dubuque to Monticello (48 Miles/2,174 FOC)
Monday, 7/13 Monticello to Vinton (50 Miles/1,698 FOC)
Tuesday, 7/14 Vinton to Eldora (68 Miles/1,798 FOC)
Wednesday, 7/15 Eldora to Clarion (64 Miles/1,471 FOC)
Thursday, 7/16 Clarion to Emmetsburg (75 Miles/999 FOC)
Friday, 7/17 Emmetsburg to Sheldon (78 Miles/1,730 FOC)
Saturday, 7/18 Sheldon to Rock Rapids (33 Miles/779 FOC)

Registration is now open