Emmetsburg – Thursday, July 16

Emmetsburg will be a fun night on the shore of Five Island Lake at Soper Park. The hedline band will be Arch Allies, THE ULTIMATE SIX PACK OF ROCK Featuring the hits of Bon Jovi, Boston, Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard. Be a part of this epic night of rock as Arch Allies recreates the favorite songs from these high demand bands.

Brad Morgan is a Country Music Artist and songwriter who was born and raised on a farm near Manning, Iowa. While currently residing in Nashville, TN, he continues to build on the success he has had in Iowa and the Midwest Region. Brad has an easy going sound while presenting a fun and energetic performance. His Midwest Country roots are found in crowd favorites like, “Unlocked,” “Catchin’ Nothin’ But a Buzz,” “Plan B is for Beer,” and “Perfect for Me.” His Influences include Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, and Johnny Cash just to name a few.

The town of Emmetsburg was originally settled by immigrants during the Irish potato famine between 1845 and 1852. Due to the strong Irish heritage, the city hosts a 3-day Saint Patrick’s Day celebration each year on the weekend closest to the holiday.  Activities include the Miss Shamrock pageant, Little Irish dancers, appearance of area queens, politicians, and, to reign over all of the activities, a special guest from Ireland (typical a member of the Irish Parliament).

Emmetsburg also takes great pride in their academics and athletic teams; the town is home to Emmetsburg Community Schools, Emmetsburg Catholic School, and Iowa Lakes Community College. An unforgettable feature in this North Iowa community is Five Island Lake. The thousand-acre lake offers excellent summertime fishing, boating, swimming, water skiing, and wildlife viewing opportunities. Winter offers opportunities for snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ice fishing, hockey, and skating.

There will be plenty of camping for all registered riders in the designated campgrounds that is situated fairly close to the evening activities. These campsites will be listed in the future.


Iowa Lakes Community College Dorms
flat rate of $40 per person, up to 6 in a room

Rooms include:  Toilet, toilet paper, shower, sink, mirror, garbage bag, air conditioning, bed/mattress for each assigned person, and college dorm-sized fridge.  The college will provide 2 key FOBs per room for the group.  This is the key to get in and out of their room.

Details to come.

Brookstone Lodge and Suites   

Wild Rose Casino & Resorts
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Emmetsburg Super 8

ABVI Suburban Motel

Nelson’s Cabin
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City of Emmetsburg Five Island Cabins